Maitang Production Releases New Song "Oh Yeah" in Kokborok Accompanied by Music Video

Maitang Production has unveiled their latest musical endeavor with the release of the song titled "Oh Yeah" in Kokborok, accompanied by an engaging music video. The song features the creative contributions of lyricist and composer Nantu Debbarma, who also directs the visual narrative.

Adding to the melodic tapestry is the musical prowess of Swkang Debbarma, who takes charge as the music director for this vibrant composition. The vocals are brought to life by a talented ensemble including playback singers Gobin Debbarma, Nantu Debbarma (also the director), and folk singer Prativa Kalai, each lending their distinct style to the rendition.

The music video stars S. Fiona, Santa, and Prativa Kalai, who grace the screen with their captivating performances, infusing the visuals with charisma and charm. Behind the scenes, the production is seamlessly managed by a dedicated team comprising Debulal Tripura(Screen), Arup Sankar Reang, Bindiya Debbarma, Bipul Debbarma, Harendra Debbarma(Screen), Biswajit Debbarma and Bison Debbarma. 

With its infectious rhythm and captivating visuals, "Oh Yeah" promises to resonate with audiences celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Kokborok through the harmonious blend of music and storytelling.