Game Changer: Narsinghgarh International Cricket Stadium Set to Transform Tripura Cricket Scene!

The Narsinghgarh International Cricket Stadium currently under construction is set to become a prominent addition to Tripura India sporting landscape. Expected to be the second-largest stadium in North-East India capable of hosting international matches following Guwahati this facility holds significant promise for the region.

Upon completion the stadium will serve as the home ground for both the Tripura cricket team and the Tripura women's cricket team. Owned and operated by the Tripura Cricket Association (TCA), it is poised to become a hub for cricket enthusiasts across the state.

With a total capacity of 25,000 seats, the stadium aims to provide a world-class experience for spectators and players alike. Once fully operational, it will mark a significant milestone as the first International Cricket stadium in Tripura.

The development of this stadium underscores the growing prominence of sports infrastructure in the region, promising to elevate Tripura status in the realm of cricket and contribute to the growth of the sport across the state.