Triprasa Land Rights Advocacy: Bir Bikram Jamatia Martyr Day Marks Renewed Commitment !

Teliamura, Tripura: Today on the solemn occasion of the 51st Martyr Day the township of Gairingkwkham kami paid heartfelt tribute to Bir Bikram Jamatia, born on November 6th 1947. Martyr's Day holds significant reverence in the hearts of the people of Tripura as they remember the valiant sacrifices made by their forebearers in the pursuit of justice and sovereignty over their ancestral lands.

TTAADC Chief Executive Member (CEM) Purna Chandra Jamatia took to social media to underscore the significance of this day, urging all to reflect on our collective responsibility in upholding the rights and dignity of the Tiprasa people worldwide. He emphasized the need to persist in the quest for land rights, equality, and self-determination.

The Martyr Day event saw the esteemed presence of Hon'ble Executive Members including Kamal Koloi, Bijoy Kumar Hrangkhawl, Mevar Kumar Jamatia, CEM Purna Chandra Jamatia, EM Rabindra Debbarma, alongside other dignitaries. Their collective presence underscored the unwavering solidarity in the struggle for justice and sovereignty.

The legacy of Bir Bikram Jamatia serves as a guiding light for the ongoing endeavors towards Tiprasa's land rights and the assertion of their identity. As the people of Tripura solemnly observe Martyr's Day, they stand resolute in their commitment to honor the sacrifices of their martyrs and pursue a future founded on justice, equality, and self-determination.