BMP Production: Unveils New Music Video Puila Watwi

BMP Productions a renowned name in the realm of music videos is set to enthrall audiences once again with their latest production titled "Puila Watwi”. Starring the dynamic duo Biraj Debbarma and Nisha Debbarma the video promises to be a visual extravaganza. 

Adding soul to the melody are playback singers Bipasha Reang known as the Melody Queen and Sahil Reang. Their voices are set to captivate listeners weaving a spellbinding aura throughout the song.

Behind the scenes the musical genius of RBL Bru shines through as the Music Director ensuring that every note resonates with emotion and rhythm. The lyrics and composition a collaborative effort by Bipasha Reang and Sahil Reang promise to touch hearts and linger in the minds of the audience.

The picturesque locales of Shillong and Agartala provide the perfect backdrop for this musical journey, adding depth and visual splendor to the narrative. With a total of 10 days dedicated to filming, the team spared no effort in crafting a masterpiece that transcends boundaries.

A melodic symphony of love, passion, and life's myriad emotions.