Northeast Tripura Channel Unveils Teaser of Manik Debbarma and Urbashi Tripura Debut Romantic song

In a remarkable first, renowned playback singer Manik Debbarma and Urbashi Tripura have collaborated on a romantic duet marking a significant milestone in the regional music scene. The official YouTube channel of Northeast Tripura has recently released a teaser of the anticipated music video.

The duet features celebrated actors Subhajit Debbarma(Tripura) and Munni Tripura from Bangladesh, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation among the audience. The lyrics and composition are credited to the talented Manik Debbarma, who has poured his heart and soul into this musical endeavor. Titled "Hamjakmani Jora De," the song promises to evoke emotions and captivate listeners with its soulful melody.

The music direction is helmed by the proficient Pintu Murasing ensuring a harmonious blend of melody and rhythm. Behind the scenes the production is overseen by Dharanjoy Tripura whose dedication and vision have contributed to shaping the project into reality.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the upcoming release, Manik Debbarma also the singer of the duet, shared his excitement, stating, "I'm thoroughly enjoying this music video, and I am hopeful that audiences will also find joy in it."

As anticipation builds up fans eagerly await the full release of the romantic duet poised to enchant hearts and leave a lasting impression on the music landscape. Stay tuned for the unveiling of "Hamjakmani Jora De" on Northeast Tripura's official YouTube channel.