All India NEET (UG) Topper: Tripura's Chand Mallik

For the first time in Tripura's history, a student from the state, Chand Mallik, has secured the first position in the All India Rank in the NEET (UG) examination. Chand scored a perfect 720 out of 720 in the NEET exam. 

Chand achieved this remarkable feat not by studying at any prestigious branded institute, but by studying with just two teachers and following his own method of preparation. Residents of Ramnagar No. 2, Dr. Chandan Mallik and Suktidas Mallik, Chand's proud parents, are overjoyed with their son's extraordinary achievement, as are the local community and relatives.

Chand's parents said, "We are proud of our son's success. Chand has always been focused on his studies and determined to achieve his goals since childhood." Chand's teachers, equally elated, commented, "Chand Mallik is a brilliant student. His dedication and hard work have brought him to this stage."

Chand Mallik's success is a milestone in the field of education in Tripura. His achievement will inspire many students in the future and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

The local community is celebrating Chand's success and wishing him the best for his future endeavors. The state of Tripura has also extended its congratulations and best wishes to Chand Mallik.