Controversy Erupts Over Kokborok Language in Tripura Exams

In a significant turn of events the Kokborok language recognized as the second official language in the state of Tripura has become a focal point of controversy. The language was officially acknowledged by the Tripura government on January 19th, 1979. However, recent disputes have arisen concerning the use of Kokborok in examinations particularly within the state educational institutions.

Over the past 10-20 years students from these institutions have been allowed to write their exams in both Bengali script and Roman script. This flexibility however came to an abrupt end when Dr. Dhananjoy Gan Chowdhury the Director of the Tripura Board of Secondary Education announced in a press conference that exams must be written exclusively in Bengali script.

This decision has sparked a heated debate with various opinions and complaints emerging from different educational institutions in Tripura. Notably, the sudden shift in language policy has left many students and their families perplexed and dissatisfied.

In response to the controversy the leader of the opposition, Animesh Debbarma(Tipra Motha) took a stand by challenging the President of the Council. In a press conference held on Friday Debbarma questioned why an FIR would be filed against the invigilator of the examination centre if someone chose to write in Kokborok language using the Roman script.

This development has further intensified the ongoing debate over language preferences in Tripura education system. As stakeholders continue to express their concerns the issue remains a subject of discussion and contention in the region.